Yotoco is a New York-based band that plays original latin american music.  
"Yotoco’s music isn’t salsa, son, cumbia, merengue or psychedelic rock; it isn’t rumba, funk, bomba or plena. It draws from all of those traditions, transcends them, and creates something unique, trippy, and extremely danceable. Sebastian Lopez and Natalia Perez’s vocals are authentic and rootsy. Gabo Tomassini’s conga playing is crisp and well-versed in afrolatin music.  Evan Garfield knows exactly when to be understated on the drums, and when to bring the funk.  Natalia Perez’s guacharaca completes a rich percussion section, and combined with Sebastian’s strong bass, they keep the group grounded in contagious rhythms.  To top things off, Geovani  takes us on a mountain journey of traditional puerto rican cuatro.  Occasionally, Geovani also takes on bass duties, and we are treated to Sebastian’s accordion, which evokes a traditional parranda in some small town in Colombia, like the town of Yotoco in Valle del Cauca, for which the group is named.  Yotoco’s music may be hard to classify- but it is very easy to party to."
-Ricardo (Tres+Dos) Luiggi